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NeuroBlast is a new multi-sensor post-rehabilitation device for individual continuous use in the treatment of neurological diseases. NeuroBlast connects with modern video games, providing better visual stimulation and motivation crucial for neuroplasticity, and supports user interaction, which is very important for socialization and mental health. With constant improvement of devices and the development of video games, the team's goal is to become a global leader in post-rehabilitation devices.


Since neurological conditions affect people all over the world, the team wants to enable all patients to use the device and thus enable themselves to function as easily as possible. The plan is to start in Serbia and the region, and then expand to Europe and America.


Neuroblast team is committed to this project with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of all people, with very good insight in the effects, primarily since one of the primary team members is diagnosed with MS. All team members are professionals in their field, be it design, information technologies or business development in companies and start-ups. The team has strong technical and business background, as one team member developed the largest IoY network in the Balkans with nearly 35,000 locations and another one having handled business information and development in more than 40 industries.


A functional prototype has been developed and the team is now working on developing games to give people extra incentive to practice. Hardware is being developed simultaneously and the first quantity of devices will be operational in a short time. The complete product with video games is planned to be launched in Q3 2022.  


The team is working on a golden sample of hardware, which is the product core together with software. The games are also an integral part of the product and they are already being developed. Potential partners are welcome to help with funding the final product development, designing the go-to-market strategy and make a connection with institutions that could engage in direct or indirect sales of our products.

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