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Diabetes is one of the most common global non-communicable diseases, affecting 10% of the global population, and 30% at risk (prediabetes). As the seventh cause of death, it is associated with a reduced quality of life and a high risk of a number of serious conditions (blindness, kidney, liver and heart diseases). Along with therapy (insulin), about half of people with diabetes take some form of dietary supplements to avoid complications, but most (alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, folic acid, thiamine, cinnamon) also cause some side effects (hypoglycemia, liver damage, rash or diarrhea).

DiaSolution has designed an innovative probiotic to alleviate symptoms of diabetes as an all-natural product with protective effects on pancreatic, liver and kidney cells, contributing to improved quality of patients’ life without any side effects. Results have already been proven in preclinical animal studies, and further clinical study is scheduled in cooperation with the Medical Faculty in Belgrade.


The new probiotic is expected to enter the domestic market by the end of 2022, and then the global market through a strategic partnership with leading partners from the pharmaceutical industry in 2-3 years. The primary market is the global market for functional foods, especially value-added foods for specific diets, particularly for diabetes.

The second market is the starter culture market for fermented milk products, whose global worth in 2019 was $1,100 million and is expected to reach $1,450 million in 2025, with 5.3% CAGR mainly based on growing demand in the dairy industry.


The team consists of four members with years of experience in R&D, technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products: Natasa Golic, Maja Tolinacki and Milica Zivkovic, all molecular microbiologists specialized in probiotics, and Damjan Damnjanović, founder of Serbian Association of Patients with Diabetes "Blue Circle".


The project is in preparation for phase 1 of clinical study at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. The team currently seeks a €350,000 investment for 15% of ownership share, to enable scaling. Upon proving the probiotic’s efficiency, the team will need a €1 million investment for 10% ownership share, and a global distributor.