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Canandi 1.pngHunting is one of the oldest human activities. Today, 25 million people pursue this passion and love for nature. Over 70% of hunters own 2 or more dogs, and as they are specially trained, their value is often over € 5,000 per dog. But hunters have a big problem to protect their dogs from theft or getting lost (in France alone, 60,000 dogs are lost or stolen annually). 80% hunters are not satisfied with available solutions, and 92% are willing to pay more for a reliable solution.

CANANDI is a dog tracking system consisting of a dog collar, a receiver for the hunter and a mobile application, so that owners can track the position of their pets at all times. The innovative solution provides a possibility of sharing data and joint search for a lost dog, dual network transmission mode - IoT and GSM networks, and ML analysis of collected data with useful tips for hunters.


There are more than 25 million hunters in the world, and over 95% are in Europe, Russia, Canada and USA. There are 7 million hunters and over 10 million hunting dogs in Europe, and they spend €16 billion a year (€2,400 per hunter), of which 34% for hunting dogs and equipment. Serbia was chosen for product validation, due to local production and cooperation with Hunting Association of Serbia for mass testing. Italy, Germany and France are the primary markets because active hunting is the most popular in these countries and hunters spend the most money on new equipment.


The founders are university professors who had achieved significant results on science and business projects. The team brings together long-time hunters, experts in hardware and software design and development, telecommunications, startup development, go-to-market strategies and marketing.


Prototype V3 has been developed and shows excellent test results in real conditions. There are three types of competitors - high-quality and expensive devices, low-quality and cheap products and pet tracking devices. The product is developed for the EU market, and successful application in Europe would be followed by expansion into the high-potential U.S. market, with possibility of moving HQ to Europe for easier expansion. By modifying the collar for tracking rare wild animals, the product can also contribute to preservation of biodiversity, as additional potential for commercialization.


Product validation in the Serbian market and further device optimization is done in Q1 2022. The team has a complete analysis of channels for EU countries, and further meetings with advisors to set up EU marketing strategy are planned for Q2 2022. Additional funds are needed for the development team, marketing and sales, and networking with investors. An ideal investor would be well connected with hunting communities in target countries. Ideal partners are TelCo companies, European hunting equipment producers that recognize the product as an upsell opportunity, and hunting retail stores.

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