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eco-friendly-food-packaging-delivery-concept.jpgThe Order application is designed as a central integrated system for ordering and collecting food from restaurants and fast-food spots, that accounts for 60% of orders, compared to 40% via apps. The system enables restaurants to introduce promotions (promo codes with discounts, discounted meals or a gift for a certain number of orders) and it resolves the key problem – the fact that most restaurants cannot afford an officer to answer the phone and manage orders. Along with online orders, the system allows users to scan a QR code in the restaurant and make an order without a waiter, thus reducing the number of needed staff and the overall costs. Further one, each restaurant can use the system to generate their own template website and app. The system is not currently present in Serbia and the region, and through StarTech program, the team is working on proof of concept and developing a Beta version of the app.


The primary market for the mobile application is the market of Serbia and the Western Balkans region, with potential for development on both the European and world markets. The target groups are caterers, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, as well as end users of the application - restaurant guests. Given the potential of this solution, with very small and fast modifications, the application will be developed in the coming period for all other retail, not only for restaurants and food. In Serbia, based on the Business Registers Agency data, there are around 27,000 businesses registered as restaurants or for other food and beverage preparation, all of them being potential target market for the Order application.


The project team involves a team leader with six years of experience in working with restaurants, as commercial officer and head of marketing agency for online marketing, and a founder of two franchise schemes that were further sold to investors. The team also involves experts in the field of management, information technology, sales and marketing.