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Kagera AI LTD 


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Kagera helps oil companies and new energy transition companies to prevent the risk and accidents with Machine Learning. With the help of an innovative function, the team predicts gas and oil leaks dangerous to people, plants and the environment, by lowering the dependence on individuals and possibility centralized knowledge and increased productivity of engineers. 

PYHAZOP- solution is environmentally friendly and enables users to use a web application guarantting data security, and receive short, mid and long-term risk prevention recommendations, and dynamic reports and analytics that take place at the time of use 


AI based solutions only in Oil & Gas market are estimated at 2 billion $ in 2019, with expected growth to 3.81 billion $ by 2025, mainly driven by COVID-19, 88% managers are ready for digitalization and there are direct contacts with representatives of large companies. The primary markets are Egypt, Qatar, Indonesia and UAE, with no entry barriers and previously established cooperation with clients. Additional significant markets are those where Kagera has established partnerships such as EU, the Netherlands, , while the tertiary markets are USA and Canada.  


Kagera team is led by serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience who led 25+ international Data Science teams, with domain experts with more than 15 years of experience in the markets of USA, UK, UAE and Qatar, and experienced professionals in the field of software development, business strategy and HR.  

The team has unique domain and tech expertise, strong focus on process safety in Oil & Gas industry, and developed community with sales representatives in targeted markets and built trust with partners, offering them a flexible and consulting approach and tailor-made solutions. 


The team received two pre seed investments: €80.000 from the Innovation Fund of Serbia and $25.000 from StarTech. The product PyHAZOP is ready for clients, and the team is expanding the client list in EU, UAE, KSA, MENA region and raising $1 million for the next round. The main KPIs include 3 active and 6 new clients, €206,602 revenue forecast, expanding to UAE and MENA, EU, KSA, office in Dubai, active negotiations with 14 investors regarding next round of investment, new ML features, hiring 2 business developers in Dubai, doubling development team, hiring CTO, Marketing Team Lead, Executive Assistant, Legal