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 Industrial companies generally have large and complex supply chains that require synchronization of various interdependent participants and processes. Active participants are people, robots and machines, while it is also required to coordinate the availability of materials, tools and spare parts. Digital Worx has developed a solution for organizing people and machines with a full digital overview of their activities in real time. With a direct connection to the machines, Takt monitors actual parameters directly from them, gathering accurate data on machine stoppages and breakdowns, while operators can add information related to NOK parts and failure reasons over mobile device or PC. This enables accurate calculation of OEE and continues improvement of shop floor effectiveness. It’s possible to have full traceability of products and materials, while scheduling tasks of intra-logistics in order to prevent stoppages. Maintenance goes hand in hand with production and Takt takes it into account. There’s a way to set up thresholds for certain parameters collected from machines and automatically generate a work order for maintenance in order to prevent hazards and malfunctions.  


The global smart factory market was worth $204.95 billion in 2019, while it is estimated to grow to $506.33 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 12.2%. The business model focuses on small and medium-sized industrial companies. Competition is extremely strong for large companies, while small and medium-sized companies are quite neglected and are taking their first steps with such solutions. Although DW is oriented to the global market, it will primarily focus on the Balkans and the DACH region, since there’s a  partner company, Digital worx GmbH, located in Stuttgart. 


The team has extensive technology and business knowledge, and experience in planning and implementation of projects for improving business operations efficiency, collecting and processing large amounts of data, IoT and cyber security. The team uses Scrum methodology and Design Thinking principles.  


Digital worx is about to finish the implementation of the IoT platform in Takt, hence it will start with the real commercialisation of the upgraded solution very soon. We are looking for partners in the DACH region which would enable sales of our product in their region. Next to it, there’s an interest in finding an investment for scaling our sales efforts.