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brandschecker.pngBrands Checker is SaaS that offers a unique solution in the complex and constant fight against the gray economy on websites and social networks, with the help of artificial intelligence and image recognition technology. 

The sales of counterfeit and pirated goods amount to $ 1.7 billion a year, which is more than drug and human trafficking. It is expected to grow to $ 2.8 billion and cost 5.4 million jobs by 2022. Brands Checker transforms the chaos of the gray zone into a set of data and useful information, reducing damage and turning it into a real learning tool for retail companies. We detect, remove and store information about items and sellers so that companies have the most accurate data from online markets and social networks at all times.


Brands Checker is focused exclusively on stores that are available on online markets, i.e. resale sites and social networks, so its use is easily applied to any geographical region. We’ve incorporated the benefits of several outdated software into one fresh solution that brings together all the functionality. In this way, we offer three packages, Starter package, Brand+ and Premium, to companies, their IP representatives and online markets that do not want to sell illegal items. Depending on the size of the company, needs and markets.


The AI Software team consists of a group of engineers, programmers and e-commerce experts who have achieved technological success in the past in companies such as itMedia, Influence vision, 60seconds and others, working closely on projects with Google, companies such as LOreal, VC funds and investors around the world.


As number 1 solution for protecting brands and buyers from illegal online trade, we are open for cooperation with all brands, brand protection law offices and chambers of commerce that could make use of our unique solution, as a tool to help them in the complex and never-ending battle against shadow economy online. The team also actively raises investments to expand into new markets and scale the team.

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