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Omnis 1.jpgZenHire aims to enable companies and job applicants to stay Zen in this extremely stressful process – stressful for companies and HR due to the length and difficulty of finding the right candidates, and painful for applicants because they rarely get personalized feedback and struggle with lengthy interviewing process and complex psychometric tests. ZenHire develops a B2B digital application, with its main feature being an artificial intelligence recruiter - a hyper-realistic video character that will interview candidates in real time, generate all relevant parameters on applicants’ suitability for the job, and make objective, ethical, data-based decisions. ZenHire will also automate most HR repetitive tasks such as scanning CVs, emailing candidates, signing documents, filtering candidates and generating reports, reducing HR working hours by up to 90% and increasing decision quality by up to 5,000%, ensuring long-term fit and motivation as well as improving company’s brand image.

Within StarTech program, the team is developing a beta version of the application and settting up architecture for data collection, which will further serve to train the artificial intelligence algorithm, and enable the initial sales team to apply the application with real, international clients. Further plans include employment of Serbian HR staff who will supply international clients through recruitment services, while in parallel training an AI algorithm that will learn to mimic this human process.

conceptual-image-female-head-cut-out-wall-coming-out-wall.jpgMARKET FOCUS AND POTENTIAL 

The market includes all companies that use digital tools and software when hiring. Considering the Covid-19 digital transformation of the whole world as well as the transition to home offices and online interviewing, our market encompasses almost 86% of companies that interview candidates in the first round of interviews via video conferencing tools.


The team involves young professionals with up to 10 years of experience in the field of electric engineering, product design and development using Design Thinking, programming, digital transformation, a psychologist with 5 years of HR experience, and an expert with 15 years of international experience in startup development.