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Omnis 1.jpgMojoAI brings the benefits of digital marketing, its targeting and cost-effective approach, to the physical point of sale. The product combines hardware that monitors potential buyers’ behavior, with sophisticated AI and a software that analyze the characteristics and behavior, and serve ads in line with the results. The product pushes the boundaries of digital advertising, resulting in lower campaign cost, higher ROI, while providing brands and stores with flexibility and data-based decision-making, as well as a drastic increase in profits for both parties.

With MojoAI, brands and stores can serve ads adapted to age, gender, mood of a potential customer, the time of day and current weather conditions (Minutecast forecast), while collecting valuable data, such as which items and advertisements attract more interest, which makes it an incredibly good channel for A / B testing, loyalty programs and other BTL activities.


The primary markets are EU and USA, while the team currently conducts Pilot on the domestic market, gaining first paid traction. MojoAI is focused on B2B digital advertising market, with growth of 15.4% in 2020. In the US market alone, $343.1 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2020, representing 62.9% of the total USA advertising market. The situation is similar in the EU market, with $62 billion spent in 2021, to reach $74.13 billion in 2024.

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The team of 8 members and 4 advisors (domain experts) combines years of experience in developing digital (over 30 software solutions) and physical products (50+ in mass production) with expertise in marketing & research, BTL, AI & IoT (AIoT), SaaS, PM and startup experience. The idea for MojoAI evolved from domain experience gained from working with marketing agencies on over 90 BTL campaigns. The startup has established fab-lab with full equipment for prototyping and small scale production.


The company has tested Zero series in production and has a high potential for obtaining patents, with no direct competition globally. The business model removes high CapEx costs and has the potential to convert some indirect competitors into distributors. There are two letters of intent from Serbian marketing agencies interested in distribution.


Startup is currently in late Pilot stage, achieving first paid traction and expanding product range in terms of use cases, sizes and similar, actively involving domain experts. MojoAI seeks smart investment from one or several investors, where it expects to close round in mid/late autumn of 2022, in range between €200K - €300K for 10-15% equity to be used for team scaling, new features and market expansion.