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Cooperation Manager

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Coperation Manager is a software used for electronic communication between warehouses (traders) and their cooperators (agricultural producers and suppliers), related to trade in agricultural products, primarily cereals and oilseeds. The proposed solution (software platform + mobile application) aims to digitalize the sales process between merchants and simplify communication with suppliers, so as to increase revenue for both parties and significantly reduce the sales cost. The ultimate goal is to create software which would enable users to monitor the handling of goods more easily and without excessive paperwork, from the farm, through warehouse, to the end customer, as well as the money flow from the bank, through merchant, to farmers. 


The key markets are Serbia and the region, and the main focus will be on European large agricultural producers of cereals and oilseeds such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia etc. The software does not require large adjustments from the initial version for the domestic market. The clients are legal entities (warehouses), that provide the application to their cooperants free of charge.  


The team has decades of experience in trading agricultural products, cereals and oilseeds, through management of the only agricultural commodity exchange in the Balkans. Knowledge of market and trading principles generated an advantage for product understanding and promotin. Furthermore, one of the key team members has 16 years of experience in the IT sector and has been the owner and founder of a company providing IT, engineering and consulting services since 2015. 


The use of prototype app has been initiated on the domestic market, with cooperation agreed with the first four clients, whose cooperater base (number of potential users) range from 600 to 5,000. There is no similar application in Europe, while a similar solution has been available in the USA since 2017 and is being successfully developed. 


Software has been developed to a point of being offered in the market. Further improvements and new options are being developed, with sales available in Serbian market and contact being established with potential foreign partners. The team would welcome investors being able to help with product placement in the foreign markets, offering ownership shares in return. 


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