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bifrost_bioplastic_banner2 crop.jpgAlmost all the food we buy comes in disposable packaging. Most of these packaging materials are not recycled, thus strongly contributing to sea, air and landfill pollution. A solution has been found in affordable, practical and energy efficient production of environment-friendly packaging, plates and cutlery based on industrial hemp. Bifrost proposes a technical solution that creates hemp panels, or a step further – ready-made disposable items such as packaging, plates, cutlery, pipes, insulation materials. The final product will be made of 100% natural materials, it will be 100% biodegradable, cheaper to produce and will shorten the supply chain for single-use products.

Bifrost is the winner of Balkathon 2.0. competition in the field of green cities. This helped the team further develop the idea and create technical documentation for designing production machines. 


The primary market are disposable plastic users. The food delivery market experienced a strong rise during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, and today its turnover is estimated at 130 million euros, with close to 12 million deliveries per year. Every company providing this type of service needs disposable food packaging materials. Only 70 years ago, Serbia was the most important producer of industrial hemp in Europe, and this is an opportunity to seek national leadership in the production of biologically acceptable material, which will be in great demand after the ban on the use of disposable plastic hits the EU 2022. Also, during the conversations with our users, a large number of agricultural producers contacted us with a request for our material that would be used during foil or transplanting of strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.  where we discovered great potential for the secondary market and use in agriculture.


The team brings together engineers in the fields of livestock, mechanics, energy and software development, experienced in designing and managing production lines for large international companies, and developing startups dealing with agriculture and livestock. Team members are longtime friends and scouts, who came up with the idea to develop unique hemp material during the first months of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, when they worked on 3D printing face shields for medical professionals, which motivated them to create material that can be used in a similar way with less negative impact on the environment.


Bifrost is in the prototype phase and the team is currently performing analyzes and material certification needed to launch the first products on the market. The needed investment for production scaling and additional certification for various markets is €450K at 12.5% equity.